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Battlefield 3 (Update5 / 2012 / Patch)

Battlefield 3 (Update5 / 2012 / Patch)
2012 | PC | English / russian | 2.2GB
Genre: Patch

"Battlefield 3 (Update5 / 2012 / Patch)"

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Battlefield 3 (Update5 / 2012 / Patch)

Battlefield 3 (Update5 / 2012 / Patch)
2012 | PC | English / russian | 2.2GB
Genre: Patch

The F 35 fighter to the characteristics become more like the SU 35, especially in the speed of rotation.
REP will work more stable.
Revival of vehicles will no longer interfere with items that are in any way take the place of spawn. With the new patch, they will be destroyed at the time of renewal.
Rockets air to air will now overtake targets flying at high speed.
Damage Javelin, will be slightly reduced.
Will be reduced by damage and TV missiles. For the same power they now need a laser mark on the enemys equipment.
Helicopters will be weaker in front of armored vehicles as well as damage to rockets was accidentally increased in the last patch.
Slightly reduced damage to the mortar caused by technology.
AAA will become more farsighted the range of its activities will be increased.
On the map Gulf of Oman, Buggy Navy will be replaced by DPV (to the point of City).

M26 Shotgun would no longer shoot bullets machine problem with needle cartridges, developers still decided. But at the same time for the shotgun to increase accuracy and improve efficiency in order to comply with the 870th.
L96 Rifle will now shoot accurately at gunpoint.
The new patch will be increased loss of SCS with a flame arrester installed at close range, but also reduced damage at long range.
M4A1 with a front handle becomes more accurate.
In turn, SCAR H on the front handle becomes less accurate.
To return to the previous figures FAMAS recoil and accuracy that have been degraded in the last patch.
Will the reduced recoil and increased accuracy for F2000 (with front handle).
Just reduced returns for AEK971 and SG553 (front handle).
For all guns will now be accessible to the increased store.
All semi automatic shotguns will be the same rate, and now they will differ only by the amount of the fraction in the shot (M1014 to shoot 10 balls, USAS 12 7th and MK3A1 8 th, the other shotguns 9th).
The effect of suppression on the accuracy of shotguns will be reduced.
870 s shotgun will now be quickly recharged.
For reduced accuracy of the shotgun aimed fire on the move.
The Saiga reduced recoil.
Be retained in the revival of the firing mode.

A new patch Battlefield 3 will be reduced suppression effect.
Disappear bug where Eastern Bazaar the player was not possible to set the mortar.
For the consoles at a close distance will increase efficiency by targeting
When the revival of the lighthouse, the player will face in the same direction, and where the lighthouse.
Now on the dispersal of smoke after a 40 mm smoke shells will leave more time.
In order not to obstruct an overview of snipers, will be reduced from their tracer bullets.

Other changes
The console will be treatment for color blindness.
For owners of consoles and part time server administrators will have the opportunity to provide your server with the special rules with a special icon.
A new patch is now heard steps behind him.
When you try to go to another team will now ask clarifying questions.
Also fixed a bug that caused crash audio system.

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