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Beta-CAE Systems V14.1.0 (x64)
Beta-CAE Systems V14.1.0 (x64)
Beta-CAE Systems V14.1.0 (x64) | 1.2 Gb

BETA-CAE system S.A. announces the release of 14.1.0 of our ANSA & ?ETA pre- and -post processing suite.

"Beta-CAE Systems V14.1.0 (x64)"

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Beta-CAE Systems V14.1.0 (x64)
Beta-CAE Systems V14.1.0 (x64)
Beta-CAE Systems V14.1.0 (x64) | 1.2 Gb

BETA-CAE system S.A. announces the release of 14.1.0 of our ANSA & ?ETA pre- and -post processing suite.

Additional new features and tools, and enhancements in the existing ones add up to our continuous effort to bring optimum solutions to CAE engineers' nee

ANSA is an advanced multidisciplinary CAE pre-processing tool that provides all the necessary functionality for full-model build up, from CAD data to ready-to-run solver input file, in a single integrated environment.

ANSA is the users preference due to its wide range of features and tools that meet their needs. The list of productive and versatile features is long and the alternative tasks and processes to be completed using them are countless.

Enhancements and Known Issues Resolved in ANSA Pre-processing
New function that enables the slide of a a feature or a member with automated fit on the underlying surface
*PARAMETER/ *PYVAR are now supported when importing LS-DYNA, Pam-Crash, and Abaqus FEA files. The parametric values can now be used instead of the absolute ones
Tangential face extension and other significant enhancements allow for more accurate connectivity definition based on geometry and topology
New CAVITY Mesh function for the creation of acoustic cavity mesh. Wizard interface, better recognition of structural surface features, and high quality tetrahedral or hexa-dominant volume mesh
New function (SIMILAR GROUPS) enables the detection of group of faces/elements with independent connectivity and assigns groups with similar shape under one parent group enabling the fast and easy creation of Multi-Instances and Linked geometries
New group of functions "Instances" is now supported and offer the options to select and highlight all parts of the same instance, to open parts of the same instance in a new window, and to convert the selected parts to Multi-Instances.
Representation of faces' boundaries (CONS) in all drawing modes
Automatic connectivity identification and definition for "self-welded" components and control of hole diameter per flange with a user script
A new tool that creates transition zones between Hexa block boxes, using polyhedral elements, and a new function that splits Hexahedral boxes to pentahedral boxes
FLUENT shell warping and solid orthogonality criteria are now supported
New button for the "fringe plot" colour modes, for element thickness, load distribution, etc.
Permas Sandwich materials are now supported
NASTRAN MCOHE materials are now supported
FEM Topology is now automatically performed between the chunks of the imported facets (strips) when translating JT files. No topology is applied between strips of different PID
Enchantments in modifying DOFs/Weights and new option to redefine the Di and WTi of RBE3s
Fringe mode for Abaqus *Film Boundary condition
Results Map of multiple files in one mapper and ability to handle T junctions for composite parts
GTK theme runs now on Ubuntu version 12.10 (or newer)
Improved performance in CWELD CFAST drawing
The *GENERATE option is now supported for sets containing ranges in Abaqus
BC-GUI Designer is now supported for python scripting language
The Laminate Tool's list loading time has been significantly decreased when reading laminates with many layers
The Fluent based Sensitivity function has been added in Fluent Deck
Support of Theseus AirZone and Volume under a new FLUIDs group (Fluid entities)
Structural NSM can now be plotted with a fringe bar (for NASTRAN)
Ability to Draw NSM per subcase (for NASTRAN)
The Reference function for ANSA Parameters has been introduced
Numerous new keywords for SESTRA deck
Ability to add Option AUXILIARY in Contact Card
Contact entities can be defined as "Auxiliary" for better interpretation of deck files during Input/Output
Contact simulations with FE, Geometry and standard shapes for the Kinetics MultiBody Dynamics Solver
Addition of Animation controls, Consecutive time runs, and simulations history for the Kinetics Simulator
Assistants for Joint, Forces guided creation for the Kinetics Module
Handy tools in the Script Editor for indentation and searching

Enhancements and Known Issues Resolved in µETA Post-processing
New features & enhancements in ?ETA post-processing

Significant improvements in graphics performance
Periodic cyclic symmetry for CFD models
LS-DYNA keyword *AIRBAG_PARTICLE for visibility and results is now supported
LS-DYNA keywords *PART_COMPOSITE and *PART_TSHELL_COMPOSITE are now supported
LS-DYNA composite results are now supported in the CompositePost toolbar
NASTRAN axisymmetric elements CQUADX and CTRIAX are now supported
NASTRAN SRS SOL103 results are now supported
NASTRAN PFPANEL keyword is now supported for the response of structure DOFs
NASTRAN ERP panel definition in bulk files is now supported
SC/Tetra CFD code is now supported
Horizontal fringebars have been added
Animated cut planes have been added
Several enhancements of the 2D plot have been made
Video and image distortion correction added
Model hierarchy can be exported within 3dxml files
Several enhancements in the user toolbars have also been made

About BETA CAE Systems S.A

BETA CAE Systems S.A., headquartered in Thessaloniki, Greece, is a private engineering software company specialized in the development of state of the art CAE pre- and post-processing software systems.
The company, focusing on meeting and exceeding customers' requirements, is committed to its mission to be the leading force in industrial CAE software solutions.

The company's flagship product, ANSA pre-processor and µETA post- processor package, currently holds a leading position in the CAE software market worldwide. For years now this product sets the standards in many sectors, including automotive, railway, aerospace, motorsports, chemical and academic.

The corporate success is measured by the customer satisfaction through meeting their requirements and sharing the same vision of an industrial environment where CAE dominat.

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