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Mas Sajady - Frequency Spa Healing Pack (Audiobook)

Mas Sajady - Frequency Spa Healing Pack
Audio CD | 31x MP3 @ 32kbps | ~14:48:29 | English | ISBN: n/a | 203 MB
Genre: Health

Everything we are, everything that has ever existed, is energy vibrating at different frequencies. Beauty, youthfulness and ideal weight are no exception. The way you look and feel is an expression of the current state and level of your vibration. Here at the Frequency Spa, we bring you the ultimate anti-aging solution - your frequency will be programmed to resonate at the vibration of beauty, youthfulness, vitality and ideal weight!
The treatments at the Frequency Spa are energy healing sessions delivered remotely or in person. Here are some of the benefits (everything listed below are reported to us in testimonials):
•Detoxify and eliminate blocked energies from body and spirit
•Rejuvenate and regenerate aging cells
•Release stress and remove worries
•Elevate energy level
•Stabilize mood swings
•Regulate menstrual cycles
•Enhance the result of conventional anti-aging treatments (creams, fillers, laser, etc.)
•Extend and prolong the effectiveness of conventional anti-aging treatments (creams, fillers, laser, etc.)
•Increase the motivation to work out and stay healthy
•Get naturally attracted to foods that your body needs
•Help attract the right doctor if you are considering surgical procedures
•Ease the recovery process if you have had or are about to undergo surgical procedures

And more.You will be pleasantly surprised with limitless possibilities when your frequency is vibrating at its highest level. Please make sure to let us know your experience so we may add it to the list!

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